Qualified, experienced educators effectively teaching in a small class environment, offering each unique individual
the opportunity to develop to their full, God-given potential. Enabling them to learn through character building and accountability, to be a voice in this changing world. Logos offers all this and much more…!


Robertson Logos Christian School is an independent, parent owned school for the sole purpose of providing a high standard of education and not for personal or financial gain of any of its members.
The school is a registered Public Benefit Organisation, PBO No. 930024144.

1. Promote biblical based beliefs;
2. Provide a Christian philosophy of life;
3. Provide an excellent academic standard of learning;
4. Help children to be motivated and plan their lives;
5. Teach learners to:
• Set goals and achieve them
• Behave in a Christian way
• Be flexible and future orientated
6. Build character so that they will be successful in life.

Grade R-12 students follow the CAPS Curriculum, supplied by Optimi and write the NSC examinations through WCED.
Logos is a parent owned institution, not falling under the authority or leadership of any one church denomination.
The authority and leadership responsibility, as well as the supervision of all financial matters rests with the Governing Body and is carried out with prayer and due diligence.  The Logos Governing Body members are elected by the Parents of Logos, except for the Logos Staff, the Pastor and if required any member that may be co-opted for their skills to fill a specific Portfolio on the Governing Body e.g. Treasurer. Constitutionally, a Pastor is always a member of the Logos Governing Body.