Robertson Logos Christian School

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Admission Policy

Entry requirements & fees vary depending upon the age of your child. To begin the admissions process, please fill in an Application Form.
E-mail the completed and signed enrolment form to with a copy of your child’s recent school report (not applicable to pre-school students).
Upon receipt of your Enrolment Form an interview will be arranged with our Principal. Students entering into our school are required to complete an Entrance Exam to access their proficiency in Mathematics and English so that the appropriate steps can be taken to assist them and close any learning gaps. The cost of the Entrance Exam is R150.
Once a place has been offered to a student, and the Acceptance of Place form has been signed by the parents, a non-refundable once-off
registration fee of R600 for play school pupils and R1050 for learners from Grade R – 12 shall become payable.