Robertson Logos Christian School

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We aim for continued participation from our students and all students take part in a weekly Physical Education class. Grades 1 – 3 receive instruction from Mrs, Elmien van Deventer (SportSlim) in developing different sport skills. Coach Nico Drake is responsible for the Physical Education programme for Grades 4-12 every Thursday during school hours. Coach Nico is involved with the coaching of extra-mural individual and team sports after school during our sport practice times. 

Sport opportunities currently offered at Logos:
• Athletics (Grade R-12)
• Mini-cricket (Grade R-3)
• Cricket (Grade 4-7 boys)
• Netball (Grade 1-3 girls & High School girls)
• Hockey (Grade 1-7 boys & girls & High School boys, Grade 8-12)
• Soccer (Grade 1-7 boys & girls & High School Boys)
• Triathlon*
• Swimming*
• Tennis*
• Table Tennis (social, during school hours)
• Chess (social, during school hours)

*Private lessons are available for these sports although participation in competitions fall under the banner of the school. 


Music is offered at our school by Ad Libitum Music Academy.  Instruction in a variety of instruments eg. piano, clarinet, saxophone, piano, guitar, percussion, are offered to Primary School students during school hours.  High School students continue with their lessons after school.

Art & Culture

At Robertson Logos Christian School we strive to expose our students to a variety of cultural activities such as Art, Drama, Music and Photography. With the help of a talented team, we also recognise, support and develop individual students who show exceptional talent. Our students take part in the Montagu Youth Arts Festival every year.
The annual Regional A.C.E. Junior Convention is one of the highlights of the academic year for the Grade 6 – 7 learners. The Convention encourages extra-curricular participation to provide the learners with a balanced, well-rounded education.
It is with great excitement that over 400 learners from the Western Cape get together for several days to interact and attend Academic, Art, Music, Drama and Sport workshops, in order to develop different skills and identify where their passion and talents lie.