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  • Sport
    We aim for continued participation from our students and all students take part in a weekly Physical Education class. Grades R – 3 receive instruction from Mrs. Elmien van Deventer (SportSlim) in developing different sport skills. Physical Education is part of the Life Skills programme for Grades 4-12 and sport skills are taught during school hours. 

Sport opportunities currently offered at Logos:
• Athletics (Grade R-12)
• Mini-cricket (Grade R-3)
• Cricket (Grade 4-7)
• Netball (Grade 1-12 girls) 
• Hockey (Grade 1-12)
• Soccer (High School Boys)

  • Chess (Grade 1 – 12)

• Triathlon*
• Swimming*
• Tennis*
• Table Tennis (social, during school hours)
• Volleyball (social, during school hours)

*Private lessons are available for these sports although participation in competitions fall under the banner of the school. 


Music is offered by Ad Libitum Music Academy.  Instruction in a variety of instruments eg. piano, clarinet, saxophone, piano, guitar, percussion, are offered. Participation in competitions fall under the banner of the school. 

Art & Culture

At Robertson Logos Christian School we strive to expose our students to a variety of cultural activities such as Art, Drama, Music and Photography. With the help of a talented team, we also recognise, support and develop individual students who show exceptional talent. Our students take part in the Montagu Youth Arts Festival every year.