Robertson Logos High School curriculum


At Logos we follow the CAPS curriculum and our students write the National Senior Certificate examination at the end of Grade 12.

We are proud of our 100% pass rate.

Our National Senior Certificate examinations are conducted through the WCED, with full accreditation by Umalusi Council for General and Further Education and Training. (Accreditation #19SCH0100748)

Blended Learning and Technology | We live in a highly technical and progressive age and take our role seriously in teaching our learners how to responsibly and positively leverage technology within the scope of educational tasks and research. 

In high school, students use electronic devices in the classroom to enhance their learning experience through a blended learning approach. This integration of technology helps facilitate interactive and engaging lessons.

Participation  PE is part of the Life Orientation course, which all students continue through to Matric.

Subjects Offered | Grades 8 and 9

  • English Home Language

  • Afrikaans First Additional Language

  • Mathematics

  • Life Orientation (including Physical Education)

  • Natural Science

  • Human and Social Science (separately covering History and Geography)

  • Economic and Management Sciences

  • Arts and Culture

  • Technology, Coding  & Robotics


Subjects offered | Grades 10 to 12

Compulsory Subjects:

  • English Home Language

  • Afrikaans First Additional Language

  • Life Orientation

Elective Subjects:

  • Mathematics or Maths Literacy

  • Physical Science or Computer Applications Technology (CAT)

  • Business Studies or Life Science

  • Accounting, Geography, or Tourism

Character Development  | At Robertson Logos, we emphasise character development through motivational mentorship talks and devotional sessions which are integrated into our timetable. The aim is to develop motivated, balanced and morally competent young individuals ready to face future challenges.