Robertson Logos Christian School

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Grade R
Our Grade R is a multisensory, phonetic programme, designed to prepare your child for the individualized instruction of the ACE curriculum. They will become acquainted with phonics through a series of animal cartoons, songs and stories. These features will help them to learn and associate letter sounds with the alphabet sequence and word relations. The “Pre-School with Ace and Christi” programme is based on a complete sequence of concepts and skills to introduce the child to reading and numbers. An awareness of spatial concepts and their relationships, as well as the development of visual and auditory discrimination is part of the programme. All the exiting activities are structured in such a way to foster and strengthen fine and gross motor skills, as well as communication and social competence.

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Our school programme encourages your child to develop Biblical character traits that will benefit them for life. We introduce various themes during the year to increase vocabulary and general knowledge, and to make learning fun. Weekly music and movement lessons are incorporated in the programme and daily art activities give children the opportunity to express themselves and develop self-esteem. The students have the unique opportunity to make use of the Science laboratory and the Computer Centre and take delight in the experiments and practical applications they are involved in.
The Grade R’s are an integral part of the Logos family and as such they take part in all school activities – they join in on fun days, take part in inter-house sport competitions, compete in sporting events and attend assembly with the older students. Our children play in a safe environment, where team work and respect for one another is encouraged.
Our ACE Preschool programme is a vibrant exciting way for your child to develop a desire for reading and maths, and we look forward to welcoming your child into our Logos family.

Grade 1-7
Our Primary School begins with a solid foundation for reading, writing and mathematics. The ABC’s of ACE programme of Grade 1 follows the Pre-School with Ace and Christi programme of Grade R. The same phonetic sounds, cartoon animals and familiar tunes are used. The songs, stories, written work and tactile experiences all enhance a confidence in the mastery of phonic sounds.
With the tried and tested ABC’s programme, mastery of the alphabet letters and sounds ensures your child is well on his way to reading, within just a few months. It has been proven that children who learn to read phonetically, exhibit fewer reading or learning difficulties later in life. The programme also offers an excellent foundation in mathematics with the exploration of number value and mathematical concepts.

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From their first day in school your child will learn goal setting, self-motivation and time management to achieve specific academic outcomes. Each child works individually to progress at the best of their ability, with the integration of Biblical values and truths being fundamental to the curriculum. The children benefit from our small classes with their excellent teacher to student ratios. Our classes are limited to 16 learners. We understand that learning must occur visually, auditory and in a hands-on manner, so we encourage learning opportunities such as project-based group tasks, use of the well-equipped Science laboratory and an opportunity each week to use the Junior Computer Centre. In the Intermediate Phase (Grades 4-6) and in the first year of the Senior Phase (Grade 7) the following learning areas are taught: English (Home Language), Afrikaans (First Additional Language), Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Art, Computers, Physical Education and Bible Education. In Grade 7, learners are introduced to Economic Management Sciences. School is not just about academic achievements – character development is at the forefront of our holistic programme. Art and physical education are part of the timetable from grade 1 to grade 7. Children are encouraged to take part in Social Responsibility projects and team sports such as mini-cricket, soccer, netball and hockey as well as athletics competitions, swimming galas and tennis tournaments.